Happy Summer!


Nice photo @Daze!
You guys seem so happy!

It’s very humid where we are. We’ve been getting rain. It’s good for the hay crop and other crops too. With the devastation of agriculture in the Western U.S. the farmers in our area could do really well this year.

thanks, Wave.

looks like I got in the water to take this pic,
thankfully, I didn’t drop the camera.

I had a digital camera at the time, not on a phone.

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yep. I commented something that wasn’t approved, I don’t think.

our West is really suffering.

It’s getting pretty scary. We might lose quite a bit of our food producing capability.

yeah, it seems the jet streams come down and away into central U.S.
I think we’re alright here in Iowa.

Same here. We’ve been getting good rain, so we’ll have a bumper hay crop.

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