I just watched a scary piece about "desertification"

This guy was on the internet saying that much of the grassland in the world is collapsing in productivity and turning into desert. His solution was to use livestock to come in and graze the land and fertilize it with its waste. Not far from where I live they have these huge grass fields that you could get a lot of animal fodder from. There is very little livestock grazing on it. I had the idea of harvesting and shipping the hay by railroad to places where it is needed, mainly in the western U.S. I’m starting to wonder how they kept that grassland productive as long as they have, and if harvesting the hay will cause the fertility of the soil to collapse. If they do ship hay by rail to the American west and southwest they better not over harvest it, or the productivity of the land will collapse.

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My generation is inheriting a gigantic pile of ■■■■ from those who came before us. The sins of the father are about to be visited upon the son

Hopefully we’ll be able to catch it before anything bad happens. Like this guy said in the army, “It’s 'jump through your ass world.” It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

I thought grasslands were disappearing because of grazing livestock. Rainforests are shrinking at an alarming rate because of deforestation by cattle ranchers.

Not according to this guy. … They’re cutting down the Amazon rain forest, often called “the lungs of the world” because its vegetation produces 15% of the oxygen in our atmosphere.

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