Irony and sz

There is a handful of things that I consider my go to ideas when thinking idly by myself and one of them is irony. I think because identifying irony is a type of reasoning it is an easy and often humorous thing to consider. When psychotic I was on a real tangent with irony and had basically based my perspective on irony. I’m not going to get into the details of that exact unusual thought mainly because I can’t think the same way, but I will share how I’m thinking about it now. Basically I contemplate the various definitions of irony: situational, dramatic, literary, socratic, ancient greek comical, etc. With these in mind I contemplate the essence of irony. In the case of situational irony it is the opposite of what you expect, dramatic is the audience knows something the character doesnt, literary is saying one thing but meaning the opposite, socratic is feigning ignorance, greek comic is the underdog winning. So at first there is some surface similarities between some definitions but others require a charitable interpretation to fit the mould for irony. When I was psychotic I was thinking sz was the ultimate ironic behavior, mainly because the essence I extracted from these definitions was something like “discordance of meaning within form compared to analogously where there is similarities between different people or things”. So this definition, if that is actually even close to the word salad that was guiding my behavior, was that sz was ironic because the condition causes you to act in a meaningless way but is meaningful in the sense that it is understandable as sz. But now that I think about it it has something to do with the fact that I also had a definition of analogy where two different things are similar and for irony one thing has an internal dissimilarity. So i was thinking normals were analogous and szs such as myself were ironic. Anyway this kind of thinking combined with other heady concepts I was rendering meaningless in my disordered brain and basically acting weird.

I still think about irony, but for example my thoughts are more like haha thats funny in the movie dumb and dumber lloyd christmas took the briefcase witout knowing it had a million bucks. so the whole plot is based on dramatic irony. and also when lloyd put laxative in harrys tea and harry drank it without knowing. or when the hitman ate the poisoned burger and then when lloyd gave the hitman the rat poison instead of the medicine… lots of dramatic irony in that one

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