Invited my brother in law out for a drink sometime

He has two young sons with my sister. They live just round the corner from me. My sister goes out with friends from the village but my brother in laws friends all live in the city.

So I invited him to the village pub sometime. Should be good. They have the beer he likes.


that’s good to have some socialization @Jimbob !
Good luck!

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Hopefully the pub landlord won’t make a scene !:roll_eyes:


Yeah you are right. Maybe if other people are there he won’t.

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I want to add , @Jimbob that you can invite random people from the street
to the pub.
I hold the view that in humanity we have great camaraderie among the people,
if you invite strangers you will find them lovely!(hopefully)

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thats sounds like fun Jim, :slight_smile:

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