Invega sustenna sexual dysfunction

hello everyone
I took 4 injection of invega sustenna last on was 10 months ago
I am still suffering from erectile dysfunction , numb penis with shrinkage , less semen volume
I wonder if these effects are reversable ?


Hi, @haithamhhh8 im also having trouble with sexual dysfuntion due to the invega that I get once a month. I heard that the side effects will go away. good luck.

I dont know if theyre reversable but i have them too ive been on invega over 6 years

Thank you. I wish it goes away so fast cause it’s really important to me to get back to normal
It affects my self esteem

Did you stop using invega or u r still on it now ?

Try taking some L Theanine for your sexual dysfunction.

Helps me.


switch to abilify maintena if you can

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hey yeah, it happens, but with the right partner, maybe reversed? ha.

hope you stick around. I’m on Invega too, have been for years, cums and goes, you know what I mean? ha.

I’m on invega now I get this issue too I just stay single which sucks I’m only 26 I should be in my prime

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I was on Invega, i just had no ejaculation but evrytjing stayed the same. It takes around 12months to clear all Invega. However, your current medication can be causing the same side effects

I am already stopped taking invega for 10 and a half months
I am on oral aripiprazole Lamotragine and brintlex

Did you have the same effects I have ?
How long it takes on L theanine to feel improvement?

I normally take 100mg with food. It doesn’t take long 2 build up in your system.


Maybe I’ll try l theanine

thank you , I will try it

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