Invega sustena shot

How long does this injection take to wear off if I only had the shot once then stopped it.

My doctor told me 1 month is this correct? Just want some reassurance.

I’d trust your dr but I think I’ve read 1 yr

Wtf u got to be joking.

That makes me paranoid

Maybe it stays in the body but the side effects leave after a month.

I hope

You mean xeplion injection?

Yes xeplion I had one about 2 months ago.

My doctor said it’s rubbish about being 1 year so just want to get other opinions

I’m on xeplion from 1 month I’ve had already 3 shots and its really rubbish its not good at all…

Yea I didn’t like it either. It actually kicked my ars when I got the injection it was just too strong for me right off the bat.

What I can’t understand is why people say it stays in your body when you stop it for one year. Do you have anymore info regarding that

Well the half life of sustenna ranges from 25 to 49 days so it makes kind of hard to calculate. We could go with the median 37 days. Whats your dose and how long since you had the shot?

Full withdrawal is at 5 lives I’ve read. So at 25 day half life that’s 250 days

So 49 days is the maximum it can last in my body? Thank you

49 days til half of it’s gone…


Depot injections wear off very slowly, invega itself has a short half-life in tablet form, but the injections are slowly absorbed by the body so it’s effects last a long time.
I think your doctor is about right in saying about a month for a one off injection.
If you had repeated injections then it would take quite a lot longer to wear off.

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Yes it is correct. You must take the shot once in a month and it is effective for the entire month.