Invega shot, insomnia

Anyone on the Invega shot? I’m on 156mg per month and it seems like it’s giving me sporadic insomnia.

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I had the same problem with it. I switched to vraylar and still have insomnia

İt might be temporary. How long have you been exactly.

2 months so far.

İts too early to say it s permanent.maybe its better to wait a while maybe 3 or 4 months then decide if it s temporary or not.

I am on invega sustenna and I use to have insomnia when I first started. Would wake up every hour at night. I have been on it 3 years now and my sleeping is much better. Not perfect but better.

That’s encouraging, thanks

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I never had any sleep issues on Invega even I started with double the normal depot ,and also was taking invega pills at the same time.

It might be the initial reaction, I don’t know. Talk to your pdoc, they should have more data on it.

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@Genesis How long have you been on the injection. Just wondering because you look fit. It’s made me gain weight.

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I was on injection no longer than few months. I switched dozen antipsychotics when I was admitted, until I actually found that Amisulpride worked wonders for my voices and hallucinations.

Weight gain comes from surplus calories that one consumes. Surely there are some science stating that antipsychotics messes around with blood sugar. But you can still counter it with energy expenditure (working out).

Also fully formulated Ketogenic/Carnivore (emphasis on “formulated”) is a best choice when it comes to my preferences what to eat.

Both psychological (satiety) and physiological (low end spectrum insulin secretion) worked wonders for not gaining any weight.

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I am on invega and I have sleeping issues I take 25 mg seroquel with it to sleep I think you should try that I am on 156 three weekly …if 25mg sometimes doesn’t work I take 50 mg wid melatonin try that

Insomina may be symptoms of illness not shot

@Genesis Nice, thank you for that info. I just didn’t think anyone could build muscle being on an anti psychotic. I am learning everyday.

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Nice to see you being so humble. :slight_smile:

Muscle building is a process of protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy. It’s super simple if you can follow steps and do it systematically with constantly overloading the muscle and adequately nourishing it with protein/fats (carbs if that’s your thing) so that it can be repaired, thus getting bigger and stronger.

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I get the monthly injection of 156mg. I also have a lot of sleep problems but I think it’s because of the illness. I’ve been on the injection for about a year and half and it’s done wonders for me. I was also exercising a lot a couple of months ago and I kept waking up over and over again throughout the night. Since I stopped exercising it’s made a little bit of a difference. It’s not aggravating my symptoms as much. I take Clonazepam and Benadryl mixed and was getting good results but I think I’ve developed a tolerance to it. I tried about 6 different medications for sleep and none of them worked as well as what has been working so far. I still have problems but they aren’t as bad as they were before. Hopefully this helps and good luck!!!

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