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Invega injection makes me extremely drowsy


Invega injection makes me extremely drowsy


maybe try a different med…


Might ware off the longer you on it


I have it. I tend to find that wears off after a few days. Also I had bad muscle aches but that side effect is subsiding now so it very well may wear off longer you are on it.


Potent drug
It may help u


Get to a lower dose. After I was on the 78 mg one and the 39 mg one the drowsiness went away. But I recommend u get off it unless u don’t have side effects bc that stuff is poison. I was on it for a year. Just look at the threads on here about it


The drug causes insomnia for me.


I’m still coming off of it and it’s hard to explain the sleepiness AND insomnia. It’s impossible to ever take a nap- I haven’t taken a nap In the whole year I’ve been on it. I can fall asleep at night but only a ton of Benadryl gabapentin valerian root and gaba and Glycine help me get to sleep. I literally take a handful of it all just to help with the Insomnia


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