Invega anyone


does anyone have any experience with Invega. The pdoc is putting me on it as soon as my prior authorization goes through. I don’t find much information on the net regarding this drug.


its pretty much the same as respiridone or risperdal. Just metabolizes slower


Invega is Paliperidone. It’s supposed to be a cleaner version of Risperdal. Invega Sustenna is the injectable form.


I was on Invega for a short while, it is basically Risperdal. Invega or Paliperidone is the primary active metabolite of Risperdal. I find Risperdal more effective than Invega - everyone is going to react differently


i was on the injection for awhile. it wasn’t great for me. not horrible, just not as helpful as one would hope.

i did better on risperdal but then went off it and when i went back on it i got the prolactin problems straight away. only took tablets of those though.


It worked great for me but it raised my prolactin level.


Invega gave me more side effects than Risperidone did. It did well with my positive symptoms but it caused me a difficulty speaking, blurred vision, weak muscles, high prolactin and anxiety. With Risperidone I only got a difficulty speaking, high prolactin and blurred vision, no weak muscles and anxiety.


I just started invega.I feel a little anxious and a little slowed down mentally. I’ve been on 1.5 mg for the past 6 days and saphris. Im slowly getting off saphris because I gained almost 100 pounds. I’ll report back after I’m just on invega alone.


It works well for me, where some of the older meds didn’t.


I’ve been on invega injection for a few years now. I guess it works good since I’m having low positive symptoms. I also find the drug tolerable with little side effects, except perhaps sexual side effects.


I tried Invega briefly and I felt horrible taking it, and whatever you do don’t mix it with other antipsychotics! If you’re coming off of one and going on Invega give it plently of time to leave your system, I had Invega and Geodon in my system at the same time because I didn’t give it enough time and I had such a horrible reaction I nearly screamed. I it was extremely painful mentally, it’s hard to describe.


Im on Invega sustenna. PLS mention side effects so I can compare.