Invega and weight gain

Do anyone know where Invega ranks with respect to weight gain. I heard that risperidone causes less weight gain and Invega is a similar drug. Does this mean that wieght gainon Invega is not so bad?

When I was on invega it gave me a different affect. It made me hyper and super restless. So I was really active on it. I hated it. But studies show most people do well on it. I wish you luck.

I really think the invega will be less than risperidone. My son gained on it at first but subsided after awhile. You could tell he was eating everything in sight and then his body adjusted and most of the side affects subsided also. However he didn’t do well on risperidone.

I have a friend on invega and he’s thin.

@Mottec I was on Invega, for a pretty short time. I thought it was going to be similar to Risperdal, so my old doctor and I decided on it. It basically interacted with my mood stabilizer, I felt sick for weeks. It is supposed to be a bit more weight neutral than Risperdal, because it’s long acting. I wasn’t on it for that long to see a difference on my weight. I found it to be less potent than Risperdal - I had some cognitive issues while on it. I quickly went back to Risperdal.

I’m on Invega and I gained about 30 lbs, It might be because I started eating more. Right now I’m trying to lose it all.

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Have you lost the weight? And if so, how long did it take?

I’ve read a number of people here say that Invega is “weight neutral” but for me it caused a massive increase in weight very very quickly. But after almost 2 months of being on Invega my weight gain has stopped.

its the worst damn drug for weight gain you will blow up like a friggin balloon

I gained over 40pounds after being on invega . But the medicine helps so I’m still on it.

I ended up gaining a total of 50 pounds on Invega!

I have been on Invega for one year and have gained 20 pounds. I continue to gain and am MISERABLE. Has anyone been able to lose weight taking Invega?

Yeah, I lost 6 pounds

Since my dosage decreased i m able to give weight very quickly.i had been take 16kg on this medicine and i want to give my all extra weight

actually its not all the way similar.i m using 50mg invega which is equal to 2 mg oral risperidone.2 mg risperidone cause sexual dysfuntion but invega doesnt cause