Invading personal space

This was mentioned by the assessor at my 3rd ASD assessment. I confess to being puzzled about it. We were all sitting in chairs quite close to each other so I can’t see how I could have avoided doing so if how close you are to someone dictates it. That is not to say I am a good judge of what’s appropriate re personal space. I may be poor at it . I just can’t see how I could have avoided doing so in the situation I’ve described.

I like to take a wide stance

I am probably the opposite, I like to have a large bubble around me at all times. Anyone coming into it and touching me without warning freaks me out, even my immediately family knows not to surprise me and to signal intent before hugging, which is okay. People who aren’t immediate family… if you’re in the same room as me then you’re in my space. If you’re a couple of inches from my face you’re waaaay too far inside my space and deserve life in prison. People who like to touch others obviously deserve the death penalty.

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Maybe they thought you leaned in too close when you talked or something?
Do you have an opportunity to ask?

The funny thing is I don’t particularly like being touched and feel awkward with cheek kissing and hugging .

@Nova Fair point . I don’t recall leaning in but that’s not to say I didn’t .

Maybe it’s like eye contact, you can’t tell if you’re doing it “right”.

Could be. Maybe those who are NT just instinctively know whereas for those of us who aren’t that isn’t the case.

NTs are also responsible for the popularity of sitcoms, so I don’t accept their judgement on “social norms”. I’d say they’re more broken than we are.

I’m not sure the first one negates the latter one . We all are better judges of some things than other things.

A story:

Third party: Do you watch Big Bang Theory?
Moi: No.
TP: Oh, but you’d LOVE IT! It has nerd humor.
Moi: Do you understand it?
TP: Oh, yes!
Moi: Then it’s not nerd humor.
TP: [confused look]

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Why does understanding it mean it’s not nerd humour ?

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