Intuitive thoughts new and old

I know this entire site is a safe place but with @ninjastar and @ZombieMombie and the person who gave me the idea @Human blessing I’d like to show so many people they are not alone by telling each other their intrusive thoughts

(Please do not post till I get the blessing from @Human and at least two other mods… Don’t know who else is a mod… sorry)


Don’t worry about getting my permission🙂 you can post whatever your heart desires! As long as it’s okay with the mods of course

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@Human thank you for your blessing

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If it gets to people encouraging delusions or bad thoughts it’ll have to be closed. So be careful to not do that

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At one point I had a lot of chatter going on in my head. I was spiralling. I began believing someone had access to my thoughts and that I had to prevent myself from letting them access the thoughts about them.

So I think this means I found a way to deal with the original thoughts by policing them, albeit in a panicked and erratic way.

I think this could be a good thing, just as long as it is closely watched. My intrusive thoughts are generally about loved ones dying in various horrible ways that are my fault. Like, I will be holding my nephew and think “if I dropped him his head would crack open and he would die and I would go to jail and lose Starlet and Mr. Star would divorce me…” Along those worst case scenario lines for a long time.

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@ninjastar and @ZombieMombie thank you for y’alls blessing on this… I think it can be a good thing, thank you

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Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll get this thought in my head “what if I just crashed into this tree” or “what if I just drove over the edge”

I also used to get intrusive thoughts like- “what if my husband found an army chick”

I get a range of intrusive thoughts. Sometimes I’ll “foretell” my death, or imagine myself committing the most violent crime I can think of. I can get tangled up in it, especially if it’s at night and I’m trying to sleep. I’ll usually have to get up for an hour and clear my head. Not sure what precipitates it.

Interesting thread. I would like to hear more about what other people experience. For myself, it is one male and one female voice. I have nicknamed them Goober and the Wart Pig, lol. Might as well have some fun with it, right?

Their mission seems to be to interrupt anything I am thinking about, or doing or saying. Particularly while I am doing something that I enjoy, such as playing guitar. It’s like they are jealous of my talent, and the fact that I am alive and they are not.

In the beginning, during onset I believed that the government had invaded my mind, and everyone was in on it. A truly scary period. However, with time and persistence I have learned to manage things fairly well. It’s all about perspective


I get violent, angry, or upsetting in some way forced into my head this has been going on since my time at Wal-Mart that started at age 19 I was 23 when diagnosed… No one but my fiance know about these and I only just told him today because I became very upset today… I have therapy in the morning and hope she can help in some way… My fiance is trying to get tomorrow off for me

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My intrusive thoughts usually tell me to say homophobic and racial slurs. And to screw up my body.

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I am having a lot intrusive thoughts about blot clots in my body from not being active so I am constantly having to adjust my body when laying down etc. I told my nurse but she didn’t say anything about it. Which made me think that she knows I have them. That’s my most bothersome thought right now.

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It must be hard @Twialine, I know I have struggled with the same outbursts of anger for many years since my head injury. It’s not easy to explain to someone, I hope that your fiance will be understanding and supportive now that he knows.

Best of luck

@Cragger I never act on them I never raise my voice or anything else I am in complete control of my actions when these thoughts happen… I just don’t like them


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