Intrusive thoughts or paranoia?

I keep having these thoughts that someone here will kill me (with a knife or such) and I’m worried understandably

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This little game we are playing flooding our minds with ideas is probably going to get a lot worse with what I have in mind. Just sounding off.

Sounds like paranoia. I have similar thoughts sometimes

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Ok thank you for advise

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Take your medicine or you might want to increase your dose, suddenly going off clozapine has a high chance to cause it and the doctors have the rights to put you on clozapine injection if relapsed multiple times

Clozapine injection? Does that exist

Sounds like delusional thinking with paranoia

Does that mean I’m delusional again? :frowning:

I had similar thoughts when I was commited, because I had a lot of strangers around me. You just have to tell yourself that they aren’t out to get you, and realize that what you are thinking is highly improbable and the worst case scenario.

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Maybe or you could just be scared because your around a bunch of strangers… it sounds like your very paranoid though I don’t get paranoid anymore on my current med Invega but when I was taking risperidone I was very paranoid all the time

hmm idk if its a good idea to ask for a med switch or increase but ill let that up to the dr

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I’m aware of its irrationality so i dont think its necessarily a delusion, it could be paranoia though

Should I contact my pdoc about it ?

You tell me you cannot contact for pdoc about getting out the foster care cause shes to busy, but now you can contact her about this subject lmao

I would tell your pdoc that your paranoid yes you shouldn’t have to feel that way

I can contact them later thats what i meant

WallafishThe flying zebra :black_heart:


Then ask your psychiatrist if you can get out?




Cant bc shes busy

Yeah I meant cant contact them RIGHT NOW