Intrusive thoughts log 2/21/2015

Had severe intrusive thoughts today while at work. Tried blocking out intrusive thoughts and images. while feeling monitored inside and outside by people. I’m not an evil,mean, or that perverted but people don’t know that its not coming from my real thoughts and feelings. I feel like i have tourettes spurting out words i don’t mean or seeing pictures i don’t want to see. It’s like Homer’s Simpson’s D’oh repetitiously exclaimed a million times over. D’oh i didn’t mean to say that, d’oh i didn’t mean to see this. But still if anyone saw my thoughts they would think i was not normal but perverted and sinister. Wish i had someone who would understand me. Miss the old me who never saw sick pictures in my head or said perverted or racist things. The mean people would not be after or even aware of me. How can i become the old or better me?
How can i fight the pilgrims who are on a witch hunt? They themselves being puritanical and extreme in their views and methods. All the while thinking i’m a blasphemous human being.
I could hear their comments “No one actually thinks that way. She’s nasty. She’s a bigot” and on and on.

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Hey this is actually a very good idea…I might do this for myself.

The best thing you can do I’ve found is just remind yourself that you can’t control your thoughts. Don’t blame yourself for them. It’s difficult but over time it gets easier to accept them.

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What I do is just embrace my nastiness reverse psychology is a first line tool in my kit.

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The voices lie. They tell you stuff that is not true. Why should you believe a liar? I’ve never heard voices, I’ve just read countless posts about them.

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I was told by my pdoc that OCD causes intrusive thoughts many times. You might look into something for that. I am on citalopram (celexa) for it.

Yeah Intrusive thoughts and voices are very similar in my case sometime i just get very quiet thoughts out of nowhere like little stuff like “ssssstoooop” or “kid” or some weird gay stuff, but if the thoughts become more important and big and loud they say things like “just some thoughts bouncing around in your head… echos.”

I get thoughts after I’ve locked my front door telling me I’ve left it open with the lights on and the gas stove on… So then I give in and check everything once… Twice etc. until i dont have that intrusive thought

the voices only focus on the negative.
its like they feed on those feelings/ thoughts.
ever heard the voices commenting on something positive?
probarly not, so for example help someone, like an colleague with some work.
see if they then appear.

sometimes I get positive voices like just random philosophies that end up being true they make me excited.