Intrusive thoughts for a week or reocurring

Have you ever been a victim of them I know I have???

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Oh yea that is true

I get them especially if I worn out, they can go on all day playing out in a loop, I can catch myself and try to stop them but I go right back to it

I think that realizing that these thoughts are intrusive and undesirable is the first step in getting rid of them.
For example I had intrusive thoughts that I can’t work or study in Israel( it was very recent perhaps 3 weeks ago), then I realized that these were intrusive thoughts and gradually managed to get rid of them.

What is Israel like. I used to have loads of hippie friends go to trance parties there

Israel is very diverse, for example Israel has immigrants from Africa, Europe, from the former Soviet Union and even from
the United States.
Further, Israel has a sizeable arab minority( most of which are Muslim and a minority of Christians).
A lot of different languages are spoken in Israel, most common mother tongues being Hebrew, Russian and Arabic,
but really many others are spoken as well.
Among the Jewish population, Israel has vibrant hippie communities, nightlife( especially in Tel Aviv),
vibrant gay communities and even a sizeable part is nonviolent religious radicals.
And all this salad of languages and lifestyles together is called Israel.

See why the hippies love it then

When I was travelling I met a few folk from Israel. They had just finished their military service.