Intrusive thoughts mean I will leave Israel if opportunity arises

Israel seems allright on the surface, there are religious people that I can be friends with.
However, intrusive thoughts mean I will leave Israel immediately when I get the opportunity
because I have intolerable intrusive thoughts.
Now I have no choice but to stay, but if a minimal opportunity arises I will flee Israel trying to escape intrusive thoughts.

Are the content of the thoughts specific to Israel?

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@Jimbob it is possible, very possible.
I don’t know.
That’s why I may try to move.
I will move trying to escape these intrusive thoughts.
I thought of going to security services asking for protection from intrusive thoughts
but in all likelihood they will do nothing or even forcibly hospitalize me.
The only other thing I think of is to try medication.

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Try the meds erez. Just as a trial. At least then you will know you tried.

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What if you relocate someplace else and start having intrusive thoughts there too?
What will you do?
You have to learn to live with these intrusive thoughts and they will have no power over you.

In other words, I have to neutralize them.
It seems that most people in Israel are going about their business without intrusive thoughts,
perhaps it is my illness.

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What are your intrusive thoughts? Explain them to us.

I think intrusive thoughts are normal. I have them when I’m not psychotic. I see them as part of my personality. It’s who I am. Nobody has a clear mind all the time.

They are related to work, I don’t want to work and the intrusive thoughts are that I should work.
I will never NEVER work.
I can live with my parents and then someone else.

And, I can’t work now.
But I wouldn’t work even if I were healthy, I would study chess and that’s it.
To study Torah all day is also preferable to work.

@kindness and I are Chess players. We both enjoy the game. I play against my brother twice a week. He’s just a bit better than me, but most of our games tend to be over 2 hours long.


to do chess as the main thing.
Alexander Motylev started playing chess at age 4 and never left.
I think that society is moving strategically in the right direction, jobs are getting cancelled,
and I and my approach will win out eventually.
Again , studying torah all day is also better than a job.
There are loads of things that I prefer to a job.