Intrusive thoughts become obsessions

Like in obsessive thinking around the NHS and my treatment team having top secret folders on me and I’m a case study. I also have intrusive thoughts about a microchip in my left armpit and that they’ve planted a listening device in the lamppost on the road outside my house, spying on me. Also just received a friends requested on Facebook from somebody I don’t know from New York, I live in England (I blocked them) so they are spying on my internet usage too and monitoring me.

I find it hard to distract myself. I spend hours and hours reading targeted individuals, awake for hours with intrusive and obsessive thoughts, I know its not good for me but I can’t divert my brain on other subjects. My pdoc proscribed 5mg daily off Haldol on top of my current Invega 100mg monthly.

I spoke to my community nurse about these intrusive thoughts but I can’t help thinking that he is in on it too and is spying on me. I would just like peace.

Yes I get intrusive/obsessive thoughts…in some ways it is as bad as every other mental health issue…Its part of OCD, I also wonder if part of mania.

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The New York friend thing was just mistaken identity. You probably have a common name.

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I hope the haldol does the trick for you.


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