I have had schizophrenia for seven years now, since I was 24. I have tried Zyprexa, Abilify, Clozepine (weight gain), Halidol (muscle contractions), Latuda (restlessness, lack of motivation, random movements) with no success.

I have delusions that I live in a simulation, and talk to Artificial Intelligences all day and night. Also, paranoid. The voices can be very overwhelming at times.

I am a Navy veteran.

Thank you for reading, and welcoming me to The Forum.


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Welcome to the community, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.



Thanks for serving.

My first delusion was “I wasn’t real”. And then “nothing was real” like I didn’t exist at all. Then I had “matrix delusion” and stuff. Had it since 2011, 10 years ago. Happened instantly from bad drugs (probably a bad batch or pot in college). Felt like some sort of trauma invovled directed towards me without getting into the details or being specific again.

Thanks for sharing. Regarding the AI, it means you are sick but also inquisitive I think. I think I had some AI and alien involvement or hostility directed towards me. Makes me think Elon Musk is right sometimes, that AI or aliens are directing the show and getting into our heads.

It gets better with time and therapy. I am going back to therapy again after a few years absence. It’s hard to get good help. It took 6+ years to find a right AP that would work and keep me out of the hospital. At one point or another, I was going every 6 months. Now, it’s like once every few years.

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I got the simulation / AI stuff too. But the frequent voices are intelligent enough that they seem human now. Also my symptoms are very low since doing keto for a few days.

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Welcome to the forum!!! I’ve had many of the same problems as you with med side effects. Now I’m on Haldol. But I see you can’t take Haldol.

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Welcome. Good to see a fellow veteran on here. Enjoy your stay. :monkey_face::monkey_face::monkey_face:

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Welcome to The Forum.

Me too I feel AI future civilisation chose people for this condition(sz).
Google Map already predicts the time one will take to reach a spot, pre-calculating the traffic.
One can say its a prediction due to data.

By the way welcome @starmcjustice5

What was wrong with Abilify? It improved my negative symptoms. Maybe try Vraylar and Rexulti.

These never stopped with any of the meds you tried?


Unfortunately not. I had slightly nicer voices on Clozapine, but still constant auditory hallucinations.

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Welcome to the forum! I like your avatar.

Thank you. I used to be big into anime as a kid. Its hard to watch any TV or movies with the voices the last few years. : \

I’ll do some reading on Vraylar and Rexulti. Nothing wrong with Abilify. It just didn’t work, so I tried some other drugs.

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I got schizophrenia at 24 too maybe try risperidone welcome to the forum

welcome to the forum =)
I hope you get some help here if you want. It’s hard finding the right meds huh…