(((Introducing Myself For Tha 3rd T(Y)me)))

Ok Guys and Gals ,

Lissen ,

Do You Think Anything e(Y)e Post is Helpful (???) ,

e(Y)e hate To Back Into a Corner Thus Way but Honestly e(Y)e Am Going To Roll Out If Someone Doesn’t Talk To Me and Get Me On Tha Social Grid …

Yeah e(Y)e Am Kinda Feeling Lost For No Reason Again …,

e(Y)e Start To Think That Blah Blah Blah … ,

What Started Thus Is That My Dad and e(Y)e Nvr See Eye To Eye and Tha House e(Y)e Am In Is QUIET AS A GRAYVEYARD … ,

Pretty Much e(Y)e Hate Weekends … .

Ok Imma Good Guys and Gals … ,

Jus Had To Separate Myself From Reality …

just wanted to say hi hope you are okay

Yeah e(Y)e’m Ok ,

Haven’t Been Outside In Three OR Four Days … ,

and Altho e(Y)e’m Used To It , e(Y)e haven’t Seen One Soul Except For My Dad …

How’s Thus Shizzle Shazzle Doin Tonight??

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haha ,

Dude Don’t You Dare Do it … ,

Cause It’s Happened Plenty Of T(Y)me$ …

Maybe get out and go for a walk…get some fresh air…etc. :wink:

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That WInk ,

Will Be Tha Death Of Me … ,

Folks ,

It Is T(Y)me (!!!)

Time for what?..

Annoy People and Hate Myself Tomorrow …

Nobody here finds you annoying. You’re an interesting cat fo sho!


I like your posts… We might agree to disagree sometimes but that’s just how things are, we can’t agree with everyone life would be boring if everyone was always agreeing with each other… :smile:

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Aren’t You a Guy Pretending To Be a Gurl (???) ,

e(Y)e Completely Disagree with That … ,

No Agreeing Whatsoever … ,

@sarad Where’s Your Beautiful Ass At Gurl (!!!)

LOL no I’m not… wouldn’t do that. don’t see the point in it

I like your posts a lot. I like having music exchanges with you. I’m a little worried about you right now, because you seem unhappy and stressed out. I hope you’re doing okay.

e(Y)e Am Doing Fine , Jus Being Silly With My Dumb Jokes … ,

Thanks For Your Honest Concerns …


You’re a very interesting character. You’re already on the social grid as far as i’m concerned. Sometimes, though, it is hard to follow your logic or connect the dots to what you’re referring to. I’m the same way when I talk to people, when I think 100 thoughts, say 3, then get the blank stare. It makes me mad tbh haha. Anyway, hi, I’m Josh. Stay cool.

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Yo Josh ,

My Paranoia , OR “Paranoia” Tells Me That You Don’t Lyke Me OR Hate Me Because You Are Jealous Of What
e(Y)e Have , WHICH IS NOTHING … ,

but Truth Of Tha Matter is e(Y)e Have Jus Been Treated WIth So Much Indifference In My Personal Lyfe That , When Someone Talks To Me OR Whatever It’s Because They Want Something From Me … ,

e(Y)e Lyke To Think That e(Y)e State Myself Clearly On Here but e(Y)e Have Made Tha Joke Once ,

That e(Y)e Am Tha Smartest Guy On Thus Planet but If e(Y)e Was , e(Y)e’d Have 72 Virgyns Rite Now … ,

Have a Great Dai …

Hmm. I think I was just giving you a wave and a handshake. Maybe internally that was selfish of me, and hey, maybe love is selfish too, you know? But until I’m well, it’s not good to think on thoughts that leave me on a limb. If I didn’t like you, I would outright tell you, because I don’t do devious implications. Peace.

and ,

Dude e(Y)e Was Jus Explaining Myself Completely and Being Honest With My Thots … ,

“peace” …