Intra-Cellular Therapies Announces Positive Top-Line Results From the First Phase 3 Trial

Yea, it was physical slowness. All the atypicals make me feel like dead weight. It had a noticeable effect on my cognition though, definitely improved that aspect of my symptoms. I know what you mean about being sharp. My illness came on in a similar fashion. I was having trouble thinking clearly for months tried a bunch of anti depressants, even amphetamines but nothing seemed to help and then wham I got paranoid and psychotic. My thoughts did return to normal after a few years but I wouldn’t say I attribute that to the effects of medicine. It took a long time and I want always medicated. Now I have intrusive thoughts, muddled thoughts, random thoughts out of left field etc. it really did a number on my confidence which makes it hard for me to engage with people because I can’t trust my brain. The doctor says its OCD but I think it’s part of having a thought disorder anyway it comes and goes but I did notice that the vraylar improved my cognition considerably and made me more apt to communicate with others. It could be helpful for what your describing as it was the most noticeable effect that the medication had on me. And yea the side effects are no better than any of the other atypicals plus it had that pro affect enhancer thing going on which made me feel a little too happy. That’s why I stopped it. Hope that helps