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Hello guys, I’m new here so it’s nice to meet you all. I wanted to start off by asking a question. How do you think and feel of the internet in terms of your diagnosis? Do you feel it’s a valuable space where you it’s easier to communicate and express yourself freely compared to in person interactions? Do you guys find it comforting to be able to talk to others about these kinds of experiences? I know I do, it makes me feel a lot less alone thats for sure. Does it make you feel bad in any way? Like stress from all the information online and the speed at which it flows or things like the news? How else do you use the internet?

For me the internet has always seemed like a very liberating space where I don’t have to worry about the usual anxieties of face to face interactions and there’s so much to learn online!


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The internet is vast. The problem with it is if you have delusions and want them “confirmed” you can find groups/websites that will do that.


Welcome to the forum, Internet is my life really, I isolate so no friends so at least i get to chat and stuff, makes shopping for that hard to find item easy and has all the information one needs. So yes, the internet is a good thing


The internet is very convenient when it comes to socializing you can communicate with people any time of the day at the comfort of your home. In terms of delusions unfortunately the internet can make it worse expecially if your into conspiracy theories etc


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I am almost entirely dependent on the Internet for my entertainment and livelihood. I’d be devastated if anything major happened to it.

It’s like a family member that always has something interesting to say!

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Yes, that part about delusions is true. But I really like how I can express myself online, such as here on this forum and connect with different people from different places.

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Welcome @PigBodine!

I enjoy the internet. I get to play online games
and stream tv series I also get to come here.

However when I’m very unwell I don’t go online. Too paranoid about everything.

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I use the internet to socialize, get my news, play games, and work. I’m used to it since I’ve been online since the internet became available for private use.

Internet and technology has made so many things so much easier but the verdict is out on whether we can put the genie back in the bottle on the impact it has on jobs (machine learning, self-driving cars, on-line shopping and factory picking, self-service checkouts) and societal cohesion. I’m no Marxist but it does seem true that the technocrats will use it to profiteer damn the consequences.

Without the internet I would probably have gone my whole life without seeing a seven foot tall blond lady fooling around with a dog. So yeah, it’s been invaluable to me.

@77nick77 Agreed. The best pr0n availability since time began has come at a good time. Population growth is what we don’t need at this point in history.

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