I don't think overuse of the internet is good for me

I think a balance of real life socialization and internet is good for me. I think the best would be not to be on the internet at all, but I don’t have enough real life friends to do that. And I require alone time. And I require constant socialization. So I think internet half my time and friends half my time is best for me. But I think the internet is bad for my mind. I kind of lose a sense of identity by posting on the internet. Part of the reason I post pictures and stuff is cuz I want people to treat me with a face to it because if I’m completely anonymous I lose sense of identity on the internet. And go in La La Land. But I need my alone time while socializing 90% of my waking time which is why I try to balance the internet with real life interaction. Why I’m excited for IOP is I will meet people. But won’t have to be around them all the time.

Well maybe like 60% time with friends/family 30% internet and 10% completely alone is best for me


Before i got ill the internet was my social interaction, watching sitcoms and interviews from my favorite celebs was all i spent my time doing.

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yeah, taking a break from the internet is good. I can’t stare at electronics too long, least my eyes start to hurt. one of the reasons why I appreciate books.

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If I got a job it’d be good for socialization. I hate this disease because it’s hard to work… Some people live to work. I could never do that. But I want a little job that I’ll probably quit after a year or so…