My life is at the PC /Internet


I think my life is around the computer and internet,i am more comfortable,its like my house,facing the PC and using the internet,however I get really lousy facing the real life,like I love football/soccer very much…but it stops me from joining other for playing because of my illness and fear of alot of things happening

Looks like I am going to be disappointed with my life,maybe


I spend most of my spare time in front of the computer. I don’t have a family, so it’s not like I am neglecting anyone. I don’t know if I am addicted to the internet or not. Until recently I spent most of my time watching documentaries on youtube. In many ways I benefit from my time on the internet.


I have tried to stop using the computer and tried to cut down on using the computer and I always return to it. it’s like a blanket from the cold reality that I don’t have my old friends around me physically except once in a long while. I am going to invest in fixing up my girlfriend’s car so we can go visit my friends in Tulsa in a couple of months. that should help but I will always rely on this forum and it’s members I’m close with for support or answers. that includes @SzAdmin I love coming here.


This is very true of me.


On this forum and other forums we interact with others which brought us a feeling of warmth and liveliness. In reality, we have few friends and even those who haven’t deserted us are usually very busy and can’t spend time talking with us. That’s why this forum is so important to us.

[quote=“crimby, post:2, topic:15017”]
I don’t have a family, so it’s not like I am neglecting anyone.
[/quote] please come to talk with us on this forum. Talking to people is so crucial for our health.


Someone says Internet is going to be the fourth imprtant utility after electricity, water and gas (well, for some countries, maybe it is telephone).


The neighbor lady has four teenage daughters. I lurk around their twitter+instagram thinking

“I missed out on my teenage years”. :crying_cat_face:

One girl posted a picture of a cheese wheel with fancy crackers she bought. Sure looked good. :wine_glass:

That is my internet activity. Watching other people enjoy their life. :computer:


That sounds like a great idea. While this forum and others like it are good when you can’t see your friends - really the best thing for everyone is to try to get out and visit their real friends who live close to them, and work on developing new friends who live close to them too.