Internal energy

I feel there is an energy inside me. There is a purpose for it but I can’t figure it out. Every day I think about what it could be that I am supposed to do. Why is this energy inside me? It is maddening to feel I am destined to do something but not know what it is.

You sound unstable. are you on meds for schizophrenia?

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Do u know wat u want to do with ur life

are you having an episode???

Not taking meds now. My last psychosis was in 2015. I was taking latuda but stopped and I have been feeling well until recently. I have wondered if this could be a delusion. If it is it’s not nearly as bizarre as delusions from my past.

I feel I must do something great. Every day that passes I have more anxiety because I’m not doing the great thing I am supposed to do.

I don’t know if this is an episode. I am still functioning normally doing my job and housework.

I hope you find out what it is. Maybe it’s even a career choice. You could check up career choices online to get inspiration. Do u feel well enough to work

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