Interesting morning - to put it mildy

Ended up in hospital last night - where they drugged the hell outta me on Lorazapam and left me on the floor with a blanket.

Cue me at 7am - where i walked out, and two hours later the police turned up and dragged me back to the hospital.

Talk about over-reacting when they found out i was Sz. I had a police officer (who was a bloody nice chap) - carted me back to the hospital.

I explained that i have had Sz for many years now - and my coping mechanisms dont include being forcebilly admitted. i also explained that i recover better at home.

Saw a CPN that understood where i came from - and the police gave me a ride home.

Its nice that they care - but bugger me they went a bit overboard.
They could see i was more pissed off being stuck in a room rather than at home - so they let me go.

Talk about a bloody over reaction. These people shoould know me better by now.

WHAT…that is a horrible morning. Ugh. Sounds like you need a cup of tea and biscuits. Yeah people are just overly cautious when it comes to mental health. I’m sorry that they overreacted even when you said you were okay.

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WOw, sorry yo went through all that. I hope you feel better.

What happened?!?
Why did the cops take you to the hospital in the first place?

We’re you a danger to yourself or others?


I’m sorry that you had to go through this.

Atleast they gave you some nice medication did you have a relapse?

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Funnily enough i got my biccies and tea going on now. Copper was alright - just said i had to go back to the hospital. Chap gave me a lift back tho!

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Yeah i did have a slight relapse - i was overdue my paliperdone jab. But TBH i was more buzzed out on the Lorazapam they gave me. ha.

@Wave - The Voices were getting a bit traumatic to be honest - and the ■■■■■ “vicky” was making my life a misery. My fault for missing my depot jab

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But on a good note - i repaid my Karma and gave a homeless couple 50g of Tobacco for a lighter lol. Nothing worse then being stuck in a hospital and dying for a cig lol.


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