Insight into the illness

have you got high insight into your diagnose

Yes! I see things and feel things happening and can redirect, after all, it is what I say to my son with Down syndrome, “Turn it around, Alec. Turn it around.”

Does insight mean awareness? If so, yes I am aware that my delusions and hallucinations aren’t real.
I still believe in the invisible creatures that read my mind, even though doc says they’re a delusion. I believe they’re from overlapping dimensions.

I used to have ZERO insight, then I had some, now I have a lot. Still more work to do. But overtime I think you gain clarity. Especially if you stay on your meds.

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uh yeah (twenty characters)

Generally not at the time, but almost immediately after. “Everyone is talking about me and hates me!” is impossible to shake in the moment, but I go home, log off, calm down and go to sleep and I can see shortly thereafter what was going on in my head. This is a huge improvement over having these delusions indefinitely, like I used to.

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I was told I do, my inlaws think I have more insight than I believe I do. I know sometimes what’s real and what’s not but other times I have difficulty.

yes, i am mad…ssshhhhhhh !?! :scream:
take care :alien:


I’m with @darksith here.
I’m maaaad.
Anyway, insight came late here.

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Real or not, we are way more powerful than our hallucinations, remember that. I can’t stop them, but I can literally control what the voices say or where the tactile hallucinations touch me. I been unmedicated since July and developed many coping skills.
Just keep on learning.
One love.

I go through a vicious cycle - when I am doing well, I have no insight - I don’t believe I have sz, but when I stop my meds and get ill again I realise I have it.

Generally I have. I have some unusual beliefs though. Naturally, to me they’re beliefs, but to the docs they’re delusions.

I think I have pretty good insight now. I wasn’t always like this.

Way to much insight going on.

I knew what my problem was the whole time. They made sure i knew actually, wouldn’t let me not know.

I’ve been working on getting better insight…

It blows me away when I find that some of my beliefs actually line up as a symptom.

I can feel when I’m crumbling…

But I have help when the sneaky brained thinking starts. Then the insight isn’t so good.

Sometimes I think it’s real but then I kind of wake up and realise the symptoms as schizophrenia.

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I have good insight now, but for years this was not the case - I had no insight into my illness for years.

This means that the Risperdal I am taking is doing a great job of stabilizing me - virtually no positive symptoms except for paranoia.

My diagnosis is schizoaffective bipolar type. I’ve had insight into my psychotic symptoms for awhile now. Though just recently I’ve gained better insight into my my mood symptoms (mania) which has helped a lot.

Have always had very good insight, but I’m working on developing some unusual beliefs.