Insane lunatic says I’ll be whipped

Lying nutcases around here, acting like I’m property, because I went out with someone over 3 years ago. I haven’t even gone out with anyone since. They can go to hell, if they think I’d ever live my life for their bullsh!t, they lie about. All they do is stalk me and lie about me. They act like I can’t go anywhere. They’re making up all this bullsh!t. No one propositioned me, and I accepted. They’re just desperate lying lunatics. It WAS the dumbest mistake I’ve ever made. I didn’t realize, he was nuts, saying; I’ve never been loved before and just wanted to lie about me and insult me. I paid for 2/3 of everything, and these lunatics just went nuts and started making up all kinds of bullsh!t, just because I went out with someone. I was only really involved with him, in the last 30 years and these liars saying things like I haven’t been broken in yet. I think they need some medication if they think people are living for their fantasy life.

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And they’re lying about me. This is all about liars who want to assault women because they’re not attracted to total nutcases. They’re really just trying to con women. They can just go find someone, like the last woman they attracted. It’ll never be me. I did have a brief crush on this person. I think I just thought I’d never be attracted to anyone again, because I hardly ever am. I don’t think the person threatening me, is the person I actually went out with.

You need to let your Dr know about all these thoughts. They are delusions. Also escaping home bcz of fear is a symptom of sz that I had.

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What meds are you on? Did you try Clozapine?

I’m on abilify. But these things have gone on for years.

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