Innocent times before schizophrenia

Pong was the only video game there was when I was a kid. During summer vacation me and my friends would get up early and push a lawn mower around our neighborhood and knock on peoples doors and ask if they wanted their lawns mowed for two dollars. If we were lucky we would make 8 or $10.00 between the three of us and then the next day we would ride out bikes a few miles to our downtown pizza parlor and order a small pizza, play Pong and watch old Abbot & Costello movies they showed for free. This was a big event for us.


Thats very sad.

Gut wrenching.

Heart breaking.

My niece was watching “hook” today, a movie i watched as a kid, and i was sad because i could not enjoy it like i used to. It sucks!

This place has about three modes: rediculously shitty, sad, or rediculously boring.

Gosh I recall the first time I saw that game pong, around 1974, my brother who was home from leave in the navy brought it back from a trip somewhere and hooked it up to our tv.
Do you recall the name of that pizza parlor you used to go to?
I can’t remember the name of the only one in our town we went to a few times, and every time we went it was a very big deal.

It was called Magoo’s. It wasn’t a chain.

Jrc twins and Liz using me for Cheetos bleehehhhh they won’t spit in my mouth

I’m pretty sure that I’ve had schitzophrenia since I was younger than five. I remember telling my grandmother that we lived in a TV show and I remember the look on her face when I said this. I also remember a voice telling me to not tell her about the TV show. Obviously, I didn’t know until I was much older.

One of the memories I have, before I became aware, was of the summers spent with my cousins. We would play dress up and set up lemonade stands (that no one would buy from- lol). We also would start full on neighborhood water “wars”. It was always boys vs girls, which was unfair because there were so many more boys in our neighborhood, but we were ruthless warriors.


Ahh the innocent times - I remember them well. A few channels on TV, playing outside with the neighborhood kids - touch football, 8 tracks, good rock bands, roller rinks -disco - (that I want to forget) I remember the good ol days - before SZA ruled my life completely

I can’t think of a time BEFORE mental illness. But I can remember the simple pleasures when the meds were just right and my imaginary friends would finally go away.

My favorite kid things were morning swim lessons. I loved our small neighborhood pool. It’s was landscaped to look like a Japanese garden so you step out of cosmopolitan Seattle into serenity Japan and the pool was L shaped, 3 lanes wide, and up to 10 foot deep and there was a koi pond in the garden behind the wall where the parents sat.

Picking blackberries in the park by the lake shore, Going to Alki beach in West Seattle and having root beer floats and going to gasworks park and watching the sun set.

Neighborhood water ballon fights on a hot summer day were the best. We also did boy’s vs girls. Which true, we boys were pretty warrior type, but the girls were thinkers and planners. They got the drop on us a few times.

I’m not going to let this illness ruin my life completely. I’m going to find some simple pleasures as I get better. I’m always going to have this. But when my head circus is out of town, I’m going to enjoy the calm the best I can.


I was a military brat who went form being a 3.9 student and an international school and a serious athlete to a drug and alcohol abusing mess in like 6 months. Life was fun, particularly from 16-18 for me, i was 18 1/2 when I got bonkers and started smoking pot every day and drinking and smoking cigarattes. Everyone knew something was ■■■■■■ up in my brain, I was the most disciplined kid in my class along with the cross country captain, he and I were very respectful of eachother, we both knew we had very similar personalities and we had identical political opinions. But we were both serious as ■■■■ about our sports, I was heavily into Krav Maga and conditioned for 2 hours every day on top of training. I wanted to go to Navy ROTC and then become an officer in the SEALs and people thought I would make it.

Then I started hearing ■■■■, thinking ■■■■, having trouble concentrating and being paranoid as ■■■■ and started smoking pot and holing up in my room with some stoner buddies. They thought I was a little wacko because of my paranoia but they still thought I was cool and hungout with me. I became the opposite of who I had been, it was sad. I did start working out again and cooled it on the pot but then my psychosis got even worse, I went from the prodromal phase to the active phase, and boy was I actively psychotic. My doctors were in disbelief and I was angry and arguing with them and didnt accept my diagnosis of psychosis NOS.

Whatever, im in remission, still smoke cigs but whatever, full ride to college, straight A’s, recently became a competitive athlete, am symptom free most of the time but have some bad days, whatever.

skullfuck schizophrenia.

I do remember messing around on the Vic 20 computer. Back then (mid 80’s) the Commodore 64 was much sought after.

Personally I think these new virtual computer games are good.

On the outside we were the perfect family. I miss how it was. I lived in the city of Pittsburgh. My parents struggled and my dad worked on his career to support us, then my mom became mentally ill and my dad didn’t understand at first and almost divorced her. Her parents hospitalized her and she did really well for many years without medication. My dad tried to shelter my brother and I from the illness. I loved parks and just being outside. People would describe me as a quirky spontaneous girl. I had a happy life and still do. I love my family a lot and always worry about them.

No video games when I was a kid - Pong meant Ping-Pong or table tennis, which we did a lot.