Say, did you ever play ping-pong when you were in the hospital?

This is amazing.

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I was good at it, but not that good. Damn!

I still remember playing ping-pong and cricket at the hospital. Also we had a barbecue on a fine day. Some people were cooking while some people were playing cricket on the grass.
There was a range of activities at the ward which made the day pass quickly.

i played it but i was rubbish at it and i thought it was only the chinese that could play like that lol

I played occasionally, very badly.

Sometimes I was in a nice expensive hospital, but even there the paddles were missing and the net was down and one had to pay for one’s own ping pong balls, which had to be bought with money I didn’t have. Then, when I would buy my own ping pong balls they wouldn’t last long because it was a violent environment for the life of ping pong balls.

The aids let me know they had better things to do with their time than to help keep the ping pong tables up to good performance.

Mostly, I hated the hospitals. Curiously, my Mom looked at me in the hospital and thought I was getting a deal she wished she could have for herself. Am I an ungrateful watermelon?

I don’t know where to go for help? I clearly didn’t find the mental hospitals safe. I went AA tonight. I would like to argue with anyone who thought that meeting I was at tonight was a safe place to be.

I know: I have to learn to make myself safe.


Me and mum used to play it. It would distract me and increase my poor coordination which was suffering due to high med levels. I used to look forward to it :blush:, but I could never do anything like that!

I was never good at ping-pong. I would watch others play. At one hospital, I do remember a lot of frisbee. I was better at that. A bunch of us guys would smoke and toss a frisbee around.

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No hospital I’ve ever been in has has ping pong tables, and I’ve been in a few. We usually played cards in the down time. :sunny:

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We only had a pool table in the hospital I went to.

I slept under the ping pong table.

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None of the hospitals I went to had ping pong tables as far as I can remember, but one had a pool table, and I took a few shots. Mostly I played cards by myself (solitaire).