Injection question

I have a case with my wife tommorow and there is money involved. My parents are after me to get me injected…Was walking in street and stop by in a laundry shop to give my clothes. I felt a prick sensation in my buttocks but as far as I remember I saw noone next to me. Then I walked forward and came home.

Do you think it is possible to be injected if you havent remembered noticing anyone?.

I dont see any blood.

Even if you were injected, are you noticing any difference?

no difference as of now. probably tommorow i may notice a difference.

And what kind of difference are you expecting from this injection?

i dont need to go into that. There is a lot of medical data available as to what Antipsychotics do to you.

Well it all depends on the person. Some people experience only mild changes in their day to day life when injected with antipsychotics. Infact most of the people lose their previous fears and psychotic outlook after being injected and it is a positive effect of medicine. So next time you get the fear of being injected know this: youre still delusional and therefore werent injected because the medicine isnt working in you.

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Surely you would have noticed someone pulling down your trousers to stick a needle in your butt?!


If you were injected everytime you thought you were, you’d be having an overdose by now.

This is a common delusion with you, you should go to your pdoc and try an AP that doesn’t interfere with your creativity.


You weren’t injected. Just click on your profile and look at the topics you’ve started over the last couple of weeks. Do you honestly think your family would be injecting you with long acting APs at the rate of several times a week?

This is a frightening, obsessive, debilitating delusion, and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. I am so sorry you’re experiencing it. You should talk to a doctor about it as it is interfering with your judgement and making you miserable. Just look at your posts to see how much time you spend worrying about this - that is a lot of mental and emotional energy.

I hope that once your case is resolved, you feel better.


i DONT know why I feel I REALLY was injected today :frowning: …Though only thing I remember was a strong prick and when I saw , I saw a person on a bike nearby and noone close to me :(…I feel I really was injected :frowning: :frowning:

You know it’s a delusion. Please go back on APs

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Hey, it’s this thread again…

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I have been getting depot injections for years. In my case the injection needs to be intra-muscularly. Trust me you feel that.

maybe you were traumatized? that’s why you’re having this delusion? but REALLY can you tell us what’s gonna happen if you get injected? what exactly is gonna happen?!

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i dont remember my pants being pulled down. This one I am 1000% sure. My upper buttocks could have been exposed since I was just wearing a thin T-shirt. If my pants weren’t pulled down then I am clean?

Buddy I am 1000% sure you weren’t injected. Injections hurt quite a bit, especially to begin with. Also you would have to be motionless for about 5-10 seconds as it takes a while to inject the meds.

Like you say you had trousers on. In the event of getting forcibly injected they have to at least loosen your belt etc to get to your buttocks. I have seen this done to an acutely agitated patient. It takes 2-3 nurses to administer the injection.

I feel for you buddy. Sounds like your having a hard time. I know what it’s like to have unrelenting, specific fears/paranoias. You see people/events/things through a lens of suspicion and threats are everywhere.

But if I where you I would try to talk to a doctor about your fears. I note you have posted about injections multiple times which shows your fears are really troubling you. I can only speak for myself when I say meds can really help (and I don’t mean injections, I mean oral meds you take voluntarily). They have brought my a lot more clarity of thought and mostly quieter of mind.

I appreciate if you are scared of antipsychotics, cos they can have bad side effects, but if you find the right one it may give you some relief.


Hahaha, OP you have lost it again! :hatching_chick:

I often feel movements on my legs, I sometimes think they’re small spiders racing across my legs, but you know what? I double check and find out it’s just my own leg hair flotting about! :hatched_chick:

lol. Sounds like you need to actually learn what it feels like to be injected. Trust me, it is not a “prick sensation”, it is a tight “punch in the glutes” sensation. When your muscle is being stabbed by a needle, you’d KNOW. Trust me, I get it done every four weeks. :mushroom:

Your butt was hallucinating that it got pricked. Time to take it into the shop.

I messed up my session with my ex-wife and spoke some nonsense. I had taken an overdose of Benzos …Are you sure I wasnt injected with Antipsychotics? :frowning:

Yes, you would know if you were