Injection question

ok Minnii thanks !.

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It’s highly unlikely. People just don’t do that. You’re probably thinking that you’re the exception; and that if it’s even remotely possible; then it might be really happening despite what anyone says. You’re clinging to that 1 out of a million chance that someone might really be injecting you. Let me assure you, the odds against it really happening are great.


Tactile hallucination only…Can be anything from crawley skin, heart palpitations to orgasm.

If it’s anything like getting a shot of antibiotics you have to stand still for a good 20 or so seconds. There would need to be time for the drug to get out of the syringe and into your body.

u say practically its not possible to be injected while in Pants?.

its practically impossible to be injected while moving your body. you need to hold still for like 2 minutes for the injection to take place.

Why not actually get injected with an antipsychotic. Then you can could compare what it actually feels like. Then your delusions would go away and you would feel better. But like you said you need your wits to do your job, so who knows the answer. If you suffer, I recommend getting some pills or a shot.

as far as I remember I was still for 2 minutes at one point of time. But I was in Pants.

you would notice a sting and would have a burning and longlasting pain (like a week) in the area where you think you were injected. i always had that when i was injected with 100mg it was especially bad if the nurse who was giving me the med wouldnt carefully ‘massage’ the spot for a minute after giving the shot.

How would they be able to penetrate your pants? That would be impossible unless they stabbed you, then you would have felt extreme pain. Unless you’re supposing your pants were sagging. But then again this is almost impossible and is probably just a delusion. And try not to sag your pants. Wear a belt. It would help you.

Please look up Socratic thinking. It helps with delusions. It makes you think. It has helped me in the past.

Socratic questioning:

Revealing the issue: ‘What evidence supports this idea? And what evidence is against its being true?’
Conceiving reasonable alternatives: ‘What might be another explanation or viewpoint of the situation? Why else did it happen?’
Examining various potential consequences: ‘What are worst, best, bearable and most realistic outcomes?’
Evaluate those consequences: ‘What’s the effect of thinking or believing this? What could be the effect of thinking differently and no longer holding onto this belief?’
Distancing: ‘Imagine a specific friend/family member in the same situation or if they viewed the situation this way, what would I tell them?’"


was wearing Belt and as far as I remember I think my pants could have been sagging a bit but not much .

I do not remember a hard Sting on the buttocks.

so was I injected?.

Most likely not.

You need to go back on meds.


Hahaha we both have Sz now. This is hilarious. Chris was obviously Bill Clintoning that ■■■■ tho… lol.

There was another guy on here who was absolutely convinced someone had snuck up on him and given him an injection of AP’s without his consent. No. They wouldn’t do that. There are strong laws about that. They’d get in trouble. There was a time in my life where I thought they were putting Haldol into my food and drink. I guess it is a common delusion.

It’s unlikely, isn’t it.

You are having delusion