Injection or Oral?


Is it true oral has less side effects than injection? And it also costs way less?


Depends on the shot. Invega pills are less potent than the shot though.


Take oral. Those jabs are painful.


No the opposite is true some drugs are poisonous taken orally but spair your life if they’re long term injected.


Well, I was in agony for 3 weeks because a nurse gave me an incorrect injection that made me sick. Since it was injected, nobody could do anything about it.


In my case the oral made me gain weight pretty fast since ive been on the injection my weight has almost stabalized… almost. If i dont exercise i gain pretty fast. But they both took away my interest and joy for the most part. Or the illness progressed idk either way its alright i guess


I get injection and seems to be working fine


I heard that the injection has less side effects than the oral.


I take both oral AP’s and one injectable AP. It all works pretty well for me. The shots can hurt though at times.


I’m on Invega Sustenna and don’t have any side effects. I don’t think the shots hurt all that much, either.


I take my pills religiously and always have.

I’m so stable I’m reluctant to change anything and touch wood I’m not going to anytime soon but!

I’d take a monthly jab in the ass if it did the same thing! That too me is a great idea!