Independent Living Apartments

I live in an independent living apartment building with about 19 other people with serious mental illness. I am very grateful for this opportunity for a number of reasons. I have lived here for about 20 years.

My problem is that many of these people are very needy emotionally and materially. I sometimes get caught up in all of this and it makes my life very difficult.

Does anyone else live in a similar situation?

I live in a building with 50 other employees from the same company. This itself pulls my feet to life.

I used to live in a small group home… there were about 14 residents. It was Ok. But I wasn’t doing well so I didn’t interact much. It lost it’s funding and got shut down.

I lived alone in section 8 housing and being alone I really fell apart.

Now I live with my sis in a pretty OK place.

I live in an “independent living program” that is part of a larger assisted living center for the mentally ill. It’s not bad, but I’m feeling ready to move on.