What are your living conditions like?


Some of you may remember that I am not just disabled mentally but physicallyrics as well. When I was 16 yrs old I went skiing with a group of friends and I was 30 feet in the air on a ski lift, and voices were commanding me to jump. I was so scared and so afraid of what would happen if I did not jump, that finally I jumped. Nendless to say, I did major damage to my spine and 2 surgeries later, I still suffer terribly, and my mental illness has only progressed since then.
For over 5 ours I have been living in an assisted living facility with about 75 people, some of them are just old but most of them are mentally ill. Some of them are so severe they speak a language all their own, some do not speak at all, mostly this is the bottom of the barrel of living situations. All I can think about is how I messed up my life so badly, and I am trying to remember what happened but it is all a blur, I remember that my roommate could not pay her part of the rent, I got scared and thought I would be put on the street, so I grabbed a few things, went to stay at this guy’s house that I barely knew but he worked at the hospital that I usually went to, and I kept taking all my pain pills till they were gone, and I was hearing voices telling me to cut myself, and the hospital would not take me. It got so bad that I slashed up both my arms really bad and went back to the hospital and asked to be sent to the state hospital, I dI’d not know what else to do. I lost all my belongings, my home, conot act with my daughter, and now my life is surrounded by mentally ill people day and night.
This is not what living is, and I see no way out. The one bright spot I have found though is FI’LL having my Internet service kback, this site was like a life line tome when I lived on my own. It really means a lot to me to have the support of other people that go through what I go through, and are able to communicate what they experience, unlike where I live. I amean curious what it is like where othere people live and are there any other members that live in assisted living facility s too?


Once again sorry for all my spelling errors, I am trying to get used to a touchscreen key board, oops.


Was your name Little Kitty?

I’m fortunate to live in an apartment on a quiet street with my belongings which I do things with. Assisted living is something mentioned to me if I can’t keep up living in my apartment.


I live by myself in a nice studio apartment financed by Section 8.


I live with my parents in a 2 bedroom apartment complex. It’s a nice quiet place, the apartment buildings are small (only 4 units per building, and then some separate town homes in the center of the complex). It’s a nice apartment, the three of us can live here without feeling that we’re on top of each other…the only problem we have is the kitchen is incredibly small…which is partially my fault. We were touring apartments because we were losing our house (mortgage/whatever) and the first one we saw was so disappointing. It was dark, up 4 flights of interior stairs, plus a flight on the outside…and we used to have a huge dog that was not used to stairs or coming inside very often so that place really wasn’t suitable for us.

Then the next day we saw this place, nice quiet…Plus I liked the manager here a lot better than the woman at the other place. When she showed us this apartment the apartment felt really open and bright, and that’s be cause it faces both East and West, so in the morning we get the East sun in the front of the building and at night we get the West sun as it’s setting. And the windows are large letting in a lot of natural light. And she coaxed us into leave a check because there was a small waiting list, and if we didn’t put the money down we’d be further wait listed…so pulled out my checkbook and wrote the check out.

Since I’m not the one who normally cooks dinner I didn’t think about the kitchen. All I knew was that I liked the brightness, I liked the two bathrooms, I liked that it was on the first floor instead of like the fourth…it was open, and we were able to get our dog to come inside to it since it was right on the first floor. We eventually lost our dog because he broke out of his leash one night and attacked another dog. He was old, and losing his eye site and he was raised out in the country before we ever got him so it was hard to turn him into a city dog. He had a good five or six years with us though.

Anyway now it’s just me, my parents, and my 8 year old kitty Padmè. She’ll be 9 next month actually.


Yes, many years ago I went by the name of littlekItty. Did you go by another name also?


I live on the11th floor of a social(council) tower block in an economically deprived area. Living conditions are not too bad though I struggle to keep the flat clean and tidy .


I also live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill. I am part of an “independent living” program, which means I have my own apartment. Most of the people here don’t. Right now I am the only person living in my apartment, but that could change. My apartment is kind of shabby because I am a terrible house keeper. Also, I have a big problem with cockroaches. The man who sprays our apartments for bugs didn’t spray my room the last two times he sprayed. All the cockroaches from the other apartments came to my room. The roof leaks when it rains. Other than that, where I live isn’t bad. I have direct TV and an internet connection. Right now there are four people living in the independent living program, but more could come in soon. We have a washer and a drier to serve all of us. We share our bathrooms with the apartment next door. All of us get to go to town once a week, and that is when the independent living people buy their food and other necessities. I have one refrigerator for myself alone right now.


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My name was patchofblue. I was a newcomer back then. I remember your situation with your daughter + husband. You had a serious medical condition? It seems nobody knew why you stopped posting on the site. It’s good that you’re back.


Living at home, moving out soon…


I moved back in with my mom in 2008. I live in a house out in the country. I like the peace and quiet, but we share a driveway with the mother in law apartment. It usually has 2 tenants even though it is one room with a kitchen. I’ll be moving out soon and I’d like to get Section 8. I’ll have to talk to my care team about it.


I wonder for how many of us the having independence and control of our lives but being socially isolated versus being somewhere with less independence but more social contact question rears it’s head.