Lonely..a little

does anyone else out there live alone?sometimes especially at night I get lonely.i have friends who I see sometimes at night but its not the same as living with someone.

I live with my parents so that feels the void for the most part. I do get lonely from the standpoint I haven’t had a girlfriend in over a decade. Sometimes I think it would be nice if I had someone to share life with.

ive been on my own for a year and a half.i d love to have a girlfriend but my condition would put a lot of girls off ithink but who knows maybe one day it will happen…i have lived with my parent in the past but I prefer being on my own that living with mum.

I would like to live on my own but I have a car payment and that takes a big chunk of my disability money. I just turned down a place with the housing authority because of my car payment. I do however, plan on reapplying for housing in about two years when my car is paid off.

I live with my dad and brother but don’t really see anyone aside from them, so I do get lonely from time to time. I’ll be attending a schizophrenia support group on Friday that I’m hoping may help.


I’m super lonely…even when I’m not alone, and I don’t even mind being alone. I live in my own apartment right now but my family is a stones throw away. I try and keep busy. I have a cat who puts up with me and me him. I’ve felt just as alone living with someone though.

I can’t live alone. It’s too hard for me… I get to anxious and wound up. Odd things happen when I live alone. I just need another person around.

I live with my sister. When it’s just her and I hanging out, I don’t feel lonely.

When the large group of friends she has starts dropping by… that is when I feel lonely.

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I normally feel ostracized, unless I’m by myself, but when I’m by myself is when I have visitors.

Personal connection, empathy, and social belonging date back to Maslows hierarchy of needs. I think most of us seek authentic connections and shared experiences. Having a support group of family/friends has a direct relationship between certain emotional needs.

We all feel lonely at some point, but you have people from all sorts responding to your thread on here :smile:

The stars will align when you least expect it Pat


I lived alone a lot until I started getting old and decided it would be better to start sharing the responsibilities. I’m 70, now, and live in a very liberal Adult Foster Care home. These homes vary a lot in personality. I was in two other ones, like the one I’m in now. I didn’t get lonely so much when I was alone until I realized how far behind I was getting in keeping up to date with all the advancements society was making. One learns more living with others.