Incident in my building

I live in some cheap housing. It’s not a bad place, locked front door to the building, generally good neighbors. But the landlords rent these apartments out to a number of the mentally ill, myself included. Tonight was the first night I think that there has been an incident since I moved in.

I was Skyping and heard loud sirens outside. I live near the Fire/Police Departments so I didn’t think much of it. But then, even through my headphones the sirens sounded awfully close. As I got up to check I heard people moving around the hallway outside my door and talking.

I opened the door and saw maybe 5 firemen fully geared up going into my neighbor’s apartment. I asked one what was going on and he told me they were just checking out this apartment, referring to my neighbor’s place. I then heard one say to another, “she heard two explosion sounds” and my neighbor said something about ticking in the vent above her stove. They told her to step into the hall.

She walked up to me and said, “Ahh Jeff, you’re such a good neighbor. Did you call these fine firemen?” I said no, that I didn’t know what was going on. I then asked her what was happening and she said, “bomb threat.” I told her I’d be in my apartment.

I went back to my desk and heard my neighbor say something like “I heard it” in an earnest voice. Then something about the devil I think.

A little while later it sounded as if a man came in and introduced himself to her. They chatted a bit, I couldn’t hear the details.

Then it got real quiet out there. I eventually went out to see what was up. Everyone was gone as were the trucks outside. Her door was ajar and I thought I saw movement inside but I’m not sure.

Sad night. She’s a very nice woman. She made me a big bowl of chili once when she moved into the building. She’s a good cook too.

I hope she gets treatment.

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She didn’t go to the hospital when the firemen came. A while ago I heard some crisis workers saying they needed to make sure she was safe. She wouldn’t let them in. A bit later they mentioned going to the hospital.

After a while it got real quiet outside again except for some strange clicking noises. I opened my door and saw the hallway full of cops and paramedics. It looked like a cop was picking the lock on her door.

Later, I heard her yelling on the way outside. She went with them peacefully, though she was definitely not happy.

At least now she’ll be safe.

Poor neighbor. I am glad she’s getting some help and it didn’t end tragically. At least the crisis workers got there before the cops and were probably able to calm them down before going in and getting her.