I wanted to be alone in the world

No money worries because I could just steal and there would be no one to object.


You could try being invisible, too. Get away with anything.

Invisible feels too much like nonexistence.

And with nonexistence, nobody can love you?

I’m scared of love. I don’t trust it.

I don’t think I could be alone. I tell myself I could, but I don’t thrive well without a partner.


There are always pets, but they can’t talk unless you’re Dr Doolittle. I try to have one engagement with face people each day… Love is a word, but a powerful one. So is “heart.”

I am alone in the world and it does not bother me in the least. I have no husband, partner or girlfriend/ lover in my life. I am without children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. My brother and his family live out of state. My niece and her family live out of state. I have only a sister and her son in my home town and they never visit me except for major holidays. I don’t care about this situation because I’m never lonely and I have more than enough in the way of occupations, hobbies and interests to keep me very busy.


I would die of loneliness when I no longer have anyone to talk to. It also has something romantic when you are alone in the world. Just look at the film cast away. Seems cool to me for a while only on an uninhabited island life. Just to get my thoughts at a glance

I’d be quite happy alone but I’m not very independent at the moment. And I’ve grown to love my husband’s company. But I am quite happy to have me time to read and do my own thing :blush: I do lean towards being a loner.

I hate being alone, but seem forced into it. I want to be something like a public speaker or a stage actor… Looks cold outside my window. Ice on the roofs across the street.

I wish I could be alone cuz then I won’t get in trouble for “threatening” other people and I won’t constantly be irritated at other people for stupid stuff.

The problem would be that if you were alone there would not be food, water and electricity after some time…

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