In a mood to chat

Whos online? What gibberish should we talk about?
What are your plans for the day?

I feel like crap today so I’m going to try to start exercising again at home. I also need to vacuum and take a shower. But now I’m just trying to distract myself from the agitation. What are your plans? How do you feel today?

Sorry you feel like crap, it’s going to pass you’ll feel better I’m sure.

I have nothing planned, need to get some groceries. Maybe cake, definitely cake today :smile:

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Definitely. I wish I had some cake. Cake is very nice. I love cake.


Minnii’s awake
The swan in our lake
She wants to chat
Imagine that
While trying to bake a cake


Me too. There’s a place near my house that has great red velvet cake.

I just discovered the extent of google’s tracking me. Me and my mom made a reservation at a hotel in Amsterdam and google maps knows the days we made the reservations from the email :fearful:

I slept from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm yesterday, so I feel pretty good. I’m going to stay awake today so I can get my days and nights turned back around. How was your weekend?

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Wow that is scary!

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Hello Patrick!
You’re always cheerful
That makes me happy
not fearful

Lol, I hate rhyming in english

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that’s a strange coincidence, I too had cake yesterday. I can’t remember the last time I had cake before that!

My weekend was cool, went to a fair yesterday, bought a little purse sunglasses and a sweater :smile:

It’s scary the way they can invade your privacy these days.

Omg!!! lol I’m always eating cake, we were bound to eat cake in the same day eventually

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Sounds like fun. Where I live there are no stores. That could be a blessing, because it means I can’t buy beer. It’s been 79 days since I last drank.


It is! I don’t have my location turned on on my phone, but my mom has and it knows where my mom is all the time, where she’s been in the past and not yet where she’ll be in the future, but you just wait for that :smile:

Minnii bought a purse, sunglasses and a sweater. I think she’s going into the Witness Protection Program.

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I get paranoid about it. I think all kinds of people are tracking me.

I’ve witnessed too many of Patricks jokes :no_mouth:

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Me too. That’s why it’s turned off, the phone can’t even tell if I’m in Lisbon ehehe

Sobriety is great! I’m really happy for you crimby!