In a mood to chat

I think people are meddling in my life and I get angry.

I think I can stay sober if I can avoid certain people. There are guys who just love to see me get drunk.

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Yeah, but they’re not, you know that. The governments have too much on their plates to care.

There are a few stories of people who got fired for talking about their jobs on facebook and things like that, but yeah, who cares what a bunch of people does all day or where we go? No one.

You have to be pretty important for people to be out to get you. Maybe it’s worse to realize you’re insignificant. But then again, that could be reassuring.

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After grandiose delusions I like being insignificant


I wish I could feel insignificant. Maybe people would leave me alone.

Who doesn’t leave you alone?

The general public. I have a massive construct about it. I get mad because I think people who have no right to know anything about me are intensely involved in my life.

Feeling anonymous would be good.

I don’t think they are crimby, remember our minds play tricks on us.
Just keep your life to yourself, don’t talk about personal stuff if that makes you feel better.

Yo There Minnii … ,

What Up (???)

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The best thing would be not to worry about it. Even if they are focused on me, they will quickly get bored.

Yes, probably, our lives aren’t that interesting anyway.

Hey there @sleepoptimistic

They’re interesting to us, but I refuse to live my live to suit people who shouldn’t know me.

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I’m too self centered.

Hay Hay , , ,

e(Y)e Haven’t Slept and tha Shazz Shazz e(Y)e Plan Working On Today … ,

(OR) Working With … ,

Probs Betta Betta Betta … ,

Then Sleeping … … … ,

Yap Yap (!!!)

I don’t think it’s about being self centered, we all are, all we know it’s ourselves. We live inside of ourselves, how should we not be self-centered?

Maybe it’s about wanting people to notice us, care and all of that. When I was the loneliest I was the most paranoid…

When I isolate myself from other people is when I am in the greatest danger of relapse. I don’t dislike people, but I do tend to drift away from them.

Then again, there are times when I don’t think much of the human race.

Yeah, same here. I isolate a lot because of that.