I have a headache today

How’s everyone else?

I’m good, raining so stayed home, baked a cake, lol

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I’m picking fights on facebook, deleted most of my friends haha

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Excedrin works well. great for you making the cake, what kind?

I’m just passing the day, wrote about my dog, and made lots of food for my kids.

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Like this one but smaller, we call it pao de ló here :smile:


From a mix or from scratch?

From scratch, its just eggs sugar and flower, really simple to make.

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It’s angel food cake in the US, I want some :frowning:

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Rose or Tulip?..

Ate it all :smile: ahahaha my mom helped in eating it though, but I could eat it all by myself

Ahahaha nick, cute

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Oh maaaan. T_T


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Problem solved, I hadn’t had any caffeine today. When it started getting hard to read I knew something was up

So you’re picking fights on facebook? Clearing out your friends list

I pick fights on bad symptom days

I get really impulsive and upset

Ah that sucks, be careful not to lose your real friends though.

I got rid of most of them.

I don’t like people

Im okay just bored

Being bored is the worst

please send cake to;
dark sith,
grey lane,
planet sith.

( turn left when you get to the death star ! ) :black_circle:

take care :alien:
p.s i will leave currency under the door mat …see darth door mouse :mouse:

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