I notice that at times I still have a problem with impulsivity. I will just plain not think things through, sometimes. Although, most of the time I pull myself out of it. It’s just that I need to improve this area and it’s a problem in schizophrenia. How about you all?

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Yes very much so…i usually can handle it…sometimes i just do crazy ■■■■…never harmful but im lucky i didnt hurt myself a few times…

Yes I notice I can be a bit impulsive. Especially with buying or lay-buying items.

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Impulsion used to be my middle name. I’ve improved after getting beat up quite a bit and reminded by my mother not to make impulsive decisions on countless occasions. Something I still struggle with a bit tho.

Yeah, I know. I’m lucky to not be a substance abuser or promiscuous but I can still be rather frivolous with money.