Impulse Control Issues

Does anyone else ever have a REALLY hard time controlling their impulses??
More specifically, your libido? I think I vaguely recall a therapist telling me that went along with SZA way back, but mine is literally impossible to keep under control lately :flushed:

Are you on abilify?

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My paranoia is also off the charts lol, ELABORATE paranoid delusions. So maybe it IS related to my SZA? It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a flare-up of symptoms

I have impulsive issues not necessarily libido but off meds I’m so horny all the time.

No, actually not on any rx for a long time now, I use Herbal supplements and meditation


I’ve been off meds for like a year+, and haven’t really had any problems until the past week or so.

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Maybe it’s something else then if I don’t take meds for one day I’m super horny I’m 33 maybe that’s the way all 33 year old guys are

I’m 33 also lol. I’ve always had an incredibly high libido until I started APs in my early 20s. It died down, especially with the weight gain, and practically disappeared after my hysterectomy 3yrs ago. Now I feel like 18 again and can’t turn it off lol! It wouldn’t be an issue at all if not for how reckless I can be, so I’m like 80% horny, 20% worried :joy:

At least your not psychotic

O Nevermind your paranoid hmmm

Sometimes people are fine for years until they start having symptoms again better check with a doctor or maybe avoid caffeine if you drink anything with caffeine and avoid alcohol and cigarettes if you use any of those things

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Yes. I think it has to do with rules and ego. Some with appetite. It can be volatile.

Average time for paranoid delusion to return is a year after being off meds be careful or you might end up in the hospital again

I go through that sometimes. Idk how to behave or what to do when it happens, it’s a super annoying situation to be in.

Abilify is known by the FDA to cause impulse control issues.

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