Abilify - Any Sexual Side Effects?


I am considering starting to take Abilify, but I wanted to know how common it is to experience erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, or delayed/retrograde ejaculation or anorgasmia. Anyone experience these side effects, and if so, at what dosage?

Also talk about other medications you take with Abilify or if Abilify effects your sleep or mood depending on dosage if you want.

I was on Abilify for 12ish months and I had no problems in the pants department. It did give me crazy akathisia though which I why I moved on from it. I was on 10mg. I wasn’t taking anything else at the time.

Some people experience hypersexuality and gambling disorders on abilify.
I’m on it and everything is ok. Mostly.

When I was on 5mg in addition to Risperidone I had normal sexual functioning but I had sterile ejaculate, which I didn’t mind to be honest. Had to be put off of Abilify due to crazy anxiety.

Female here. Whenever I started on abilify I was hypersexual then it simmers down after like a month.

Abilify made me too hypersexual, it was so bad that I had to stop it. No issues now on Risperdal 4mg.

Thank you all for the replies. NeonSynth, how did you know it was sterile ejaculate? Did the semen look different?

Nope cured my decreased libido from invega (not that decreased but noticable). Also less flat effect more pleasure can be felt in general. Tolerate it very well, it’s defenitly worth a shot

It was very clear, pretty much watery.

Has your libido stayed the same even after stopping abilify (assuming you stopped taking it)

Haven’t stopped taking it, will be on it for the next two years, then I will have a med free trial with my pdoc, for now don’t want to risk quitting since I’m stable and the pills have no side effects on me.

Thanks for the answers. I am still scared of the change. I just hope Abilify works for me.