It is a dream to get cured

It is a dream to get cured, a dream.


Far fetched dream …!!! It will be longer then u dream…!! I am with u in that…!!! I am not against cure…!!! U have to understand brain illness are very complex to treat…!!!


@far_cry0 in 2-3 years there will be a cure!

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Hope it will be true…!!! Cure is immenent…!! Take care and go to gym…!!!


Arent u going to health club…!!!


Maybe there will be a cure, but now I am battling with my current major paranoid episode, fortunately I have my psych meeting very soon.

@far_cry0 I will go.
Not now but maybe in an hour or so.

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Okay friend…!!! U know what is best for u … Erez…!!!

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