Imagine Dragons in Concert

I loved it.

It was magical.

The lead singer made a speech during the concert about mental illness and depression and therapy. He said there is nothing wrong with you if you are depressed etc.

I like them and their music. I don’t know who writes their lyrics but could be a mentally ill person because they are relatable, grandiose and also hints about losing touch with reality.

They came out during my first time psychosis, 2011-2012.

I read about them afterwards, the lead singer is already married with 3 or four kids and he is 30 years old.

When they were on stage on singing, I though if I ever have a kid, I’d like him/her to be a musician.


I’m glad you had such a great time. I love concerts, too, plan on going to one next Saturday. :slight_smile: There’s something about going to see live music.


yeah it was worth it. :slight_smile:

Now there is ‘the national’ and ‘Angus and Julia stone’ in concert next month, I did not check the tickets.
I have not heard a lot of the nationals latest album so might skip them.

But I subscribed to get notification of concerts and I think it will be something new for me to be interested in. See live concerts a few times a year.


That’s awesome that you found a new interest. :slight_smile: I typically go to two concerts per year, though it would be nice to do more.

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I’m glad you enjoyed yourself @mermaid1!
I went to pretty many concerts in my lifetime.

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I’ve been to a lot of concerts too! All before I was diagnosed. But they were all 80s bands naturally. I even saw prince in concert.

I couldn’t go to a concert now though. I can’t even go to the cinema :frowning_face:

I’ve only heard about 3 imagine dragons songs but I liked them all.

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Its great to hear you had such a good time!

I’m not an “Imagine Dragons” fan, at all,

But I can see them putting on an awesome show.

Happy you’re happy!

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:joy: well at least you had fun.

Do you have social anxiety? When can’t you go to the movies?

I could not watch movies until only last month. It was an all of a sudden improvement. I am watching TV almost every night.

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yeah it was. I think I should see Coldplay too. But Imagine dragons has a special place for me since it was connected to my psychosis as sad as it is.

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Reslessness and concentration. I just wait till movies come out on dvd now and watch them that way. So i can pause the movie get up and have a vape for a while and then go back to watching it.

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I’ve got a full stringer of bands I’ve seen in concert and most of them were huge bands so I feel like I don’t have to go to concerts anymore…I’m glad you went to the concert !! I uploaded imagine dragons on spotify…they are pretty good.

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yeah … I will watch some Bette Davis movie tonight if I don’t fall asleep. There is one on Netflix.

Hope you make an effort to go out a little more though. Are you taking vitamins?

I am taking Omega 3 everyday with food along with vitamin D, Zinc, calcium, magnesium and you know that was around the time I started watching movies again.

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yeah they are one of the most popular bands right now and they are very young.
I know most of their songs by heart. I pay attention to lyrics more than music but their songs are catchy.

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