Imagine doing your grocery shopping

You live in the nice part of town, everyone is dressed well, looks great, and is healthy.

So you are in there shopping and boom out of nowhere a drugged possessed guy walks by!

They probably think i have gone mad by the looks of me, im just possessed though, quite painful, quite scary.

It’s really not great, not great at all. Could a person feel more out of place than this? Is it possible to be more on the outside of things than being a drugged possessed person walking through the city? Does anyone know? Can anyone see it? Do they all just see the crazy guy? Don’t get me wrong i know i have brain problems but they really aren’t defining that very well.

How nervous would you be right? Seeing all of the spirits that you had among other things and being drugged which makes you look unsatisfactory? Just out there in the midst of all of the normal folks, be pretty nervous eh?

yeah, but you got to put that behind you and start thinking positively, maybe you could go from looking like a drugged up possessed person to a good all round nice person who helps people and does volunteer work for the elderly or something


Think I’d be in the kool-aid isle picking up one package of cherry flavored drink , after 2AM naturally.

ive been there…before my meds were stabilized, I saw myself in the mirror once after going to the store for coffee…I looked like one of those adult cartoon crack addicts…blood shot eyes, drool dried o the corner of my mouth, blank vacant expression…

all I can say is that with meds, as long as you stik to them, it gets better…

I’ve been mistaken for being homeless before when I wasn’t. One time years ago an Arby’s manager gave me free fries and a drink because he thought I was homeless or very poor and it was Winter time. I was just on a walk to campus. The fries were good, though.

I am nice.

Just not nice looking.

Everyone keeps telling the ones who need volunteer work to do volunteer work, weird.

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good to hear from you @pansdisease I try not to be too aware of what I look like because I’m overweight. try to go easy on yourself.

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