I'm very paranoid tonight, what do I do?

If I close my eyes, I see people in the room and sense a presence.

I don’t know what to do, I need sleep, I’m exhausted. I don’t know who to contact. I’m terrified!

Ah no good buddy. This happens sometimes. You could go get some melatonin. 10 mg would put you to sleep. If you have sleep aids otherwise now would be the time.

Perhaps leave a light on until you’re tired enough to sleep.

It’s not real. You can tough it out. I know having those presences about keep the mind focused.

You’re right though it’s just paranoia. Maybe play some good music in some head phones.

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No sleeping med has ever worked on me. Ambien blacks me out but doesn’t make me tired.

I made a bed by my parents, but the windows are open because we had a thunderstorm and half our house is out of power (including my room).

What do these presences do? You could establish mutual observation with them. They watch you you watch them. They don’t do ■■■■ because they aren’t real.

I don’t like when that happens because I’m afraid it’ll become a more permanent thing. It only happens once every couple of weeks though.

Keep them eyes closed if you can. Or find a wall to stare at.

Wish the brain had an off switch at times.

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Usually I can talk to them, sometimes they have weapons, guns pointed at my head. They tell me their name and stuff. I know it’s all fake, but it scares the ■■■■ out of me.

I guess my only option is to stay awake until I pass out from exhaustion.

Wow. That’s worse than what happens with me. I just get odd ghost figures. Barely human at all. Just vague distortions in the lighting that seem to move about or peek their head in or stand in the hallway.

I think I used to talk to them with my mind a bit but eventually quit doing that.

In those situations I do the things I suggested above.

Well I hope it comes quickly for you. I hate those kind of nights.

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sorry you are feeling like this, there is nothing to be scared of.
just send them to me…i like destroying thngs.
dark sith
new england,

they will find me…and then they will start running…
take care :alien:

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I have had scary paranoid thoughts at night where i don’t sleep and keep awake until the early hours of the morning. i’m afraid that i will get shot or someone is looking for me to kill, maybe have a good friend to spend the night or call someone you can talk to when you’re scared. I don’t know if you feel a sense of relief when you end up not dead and very much safe and alive.

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Park your butt. Don’t go anywhere. I’ve never had anything anywhere near like what you’re going through but I would always stay in my room when I had a break. That way I would be somewhere safe. I always had food in my room and access to a bathroom with a sink. It always went away after I slept.

Hmm, I’ve never dealt with people wielding weapons before. I just see people standing around, usually arms folded & looking angry or dissatisfied - like there is a debate going on and people are taking turns talking.

Sometimes I’ve woken up to being operated on, and it’s typically always therapeutic what is being done to me. I’ve definitely felt unusual bouts of pain in dream states, something that was introduced with SZ, but the pain is a hell of a step-down from what we have to deal with in the waking world.

Do you at least get potent dreams? That usually keeps me in check, looking forward to insightful or powerful dreams; keeps me optimistic.

I leave a light on bc I’m afraid of what I might see at night. It helps.
Why are the hallucinations always mean? John Nash’s were his good buddies except for the guy that was a secret agent.

I’m not sure it will make you feel any better, but your body will eventually collapse…that said, I find it’s best to pinch myself, eat something, and listen to the radio real loud (without waking the neighbors)

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Great advice. Last night I slept alone, but there was still slight paranoia and hallucinations. It was more manageable.