How to stop spirits from getting close while asleep

I’m having these nights where obviously this thing is attacking me. Before I changed my profile picture to this Jekyll character I had this dream…or just a scene. I was laying down on YouTube and the Jekyll picture ( profile picture)was showing on my phone while I was watching a video. I felt this fear… a different kind of fear…kinda like you know someone or something is close to you but you can’t see it. Or when you are watching a scary movie and you’re waiting for the next scary scene. Take that feeling and prolong it. I’m having these feelings in my dreams that “that thing” is near. Not all the time. If I become lucid then that entity will be on my conscious mind and eventually manifest itself. I remember in another dream being in this dark grundgy dull room and I felt this ominous diabolical presence…I guess you can call them nightmares…maybe it’s an opportunity to learn something…or a trap to become and eventually be destroyed by my own self.

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Place a shot glass full of salt under your bed it will help keep them away it worked for me.

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Dreams and sleep can be a scary thing. Theres been nights ive stared into my bathroom which is normally pitch black waiting for something to jump out at me. Im glad i don’t remember most of my dreams but when i do they always include people from my past taunting me and telling me horrible ■■■■. I still sleep with a stuffed rabbit to try and keep the evil demon people away. It works for the most part


Will Morton coarse sea salt work. This thing stands in the darkest corner of my room right behind the tv . To the right of all of that is my light bulb .

I only remember my dreams when I’m sober. If I leave the cigarettes and weed alone my dreams become more of a conscious experience rather than blurry scenes. I started dream recording in 2012 . Some cool gift we have

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I just ignore the dark presence in my bedroom. I think it’s my grandpa on my mom’s side. can’t prove anything, just that this presence has followed me across the nation and across the desert. I opened the door when I was delusional I think and it stuck around. I just ignore it.

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I shall ignore it with salt. If that doesn’t work then idk maybe a astral plane battle

Story of my life with the you feel something is near but can’t see it thing. Good ole paranoia. My Ativan takes it away almost immediately.

It doesn’t play fair at all

If the salt under the bed doesnt work try a salt ring around your bed. This is old school protection worked for thosands of years it seems to keep the dark watchers from being able to paralyze me. But yea any salt should work.

Well I don’t believe in this kind of thing, but I’m willing to try to help you regardless. I’ve heard the salt-ring thing works wonders that @flameoftherhine mentioned. You could also try anointing every entrance of your house. My religious friend swears by that method.

I don’t believe in this, either, but folklore says that if your concern is fairies, an iron horseshoe over the door or red berries and ivy will keep them away.

I had a protective spirit when this was happening to me. I don’t believe it now - but it sat on my chest at night and rid my body of the malicious demons.

Ok I don’t.believe in lucid dreams but I have them

Was that a poem

No, it’s how people in Ireland used to keep fairies out of their homes. Sometimes taking steps like that can be enough to quiet your mind about these things.

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yeah, but my dark spirit in my bedroom is not a fairie. I wish. I would not fear a fairie.

These are only symbols of servitude.

People were instructed to leave them in plain sight signifying that they served or were under control.

Like the palm leaf in the window trick that ye olde catholics do at times. They swing by and see that they are getting money, power, and servitude out of these people. It’s protection from themselves really.

No palm leaf? Maybe we’ll attack and then send them to church quite fast where they can get “protection”.

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