I'm trying to be less self centered

It’s a flaw I have, I can turn things around and make them about myself or think they’re related to me somehow.

I think my delusions of reference and grandiose are connected to that.

I get really irritable with small things that I could easily dismiss because they’re not about me, but about others or little quirks people have that annoy me, repetition, and other stuff.

It annoys me in myself so I’m willing to change. Any thoughts on this?

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Want to figure that out myself

More like telepathy for me

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I guess it’s also connected. Why would people want to hear other’s thoughts? I guess they have enough of their own

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Hey Minnii, what happened with the college application? Is it still possible?

Not yet. I gave up this year anyway, I’m not ready. Going to volunteer and do an exam for admission next year. Thanks for the concern


As for trying to be less self centered, maybe try to find a common interest with whomever you talking, and talk about that.

If it’s any consolation , I do what you’ve described a lot, or at least I want to. I don’t blame you.

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Yeah, it’s what I’m trying to do :slight_smile: Thanks for the input.

How’s the diet going?

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Women have greater intuition too

Sometimes a curse

I fell off the wagon for 3 days and had 3 days of pizza. But I’m back on the wagon again. I lost another 4kg in 2 months though, so if I can keep that up I’ll be Mr. Thin in a year. I think I fell off the wagon as I’m down to 1750 calories a day now.

What about you? Are you still using myfitnesspal? Or did you reach your goal?

That’s good that you lost so much weight, and balanced which is cool. :relaxed:

I gained a kilo because I cheated and stopped going to myfitness pal for a week, the belly is back, lol Stupid me. But I restarted already.

Also, with the move I’ve been eating out a lot, it will all return to normal in a few days :relaxed:

How’s the move going? When will you be in your new place? I hope it’s not too stressful.

Yes some sort of self-centeredness has long been considered as the ‘style’ of schizophrenia, or the way of being. Those are vague terms, then again, they are supposed to point to the similarities instead of the differences among the variety of symptoms. The notion of “schizophrenic autism” once was popular in the literature, and I’ve seen it around in contemporary research as well. (doesn’t quite amount to a dual diagnosis of modernday ‘autism’ + ‘schizophrenia’ though, these concepts change over time.)

Not sure how to change it, it may be pretty central to schizophrenia. I think practicing a trusting attitude towards others is a good thing, but that’s not exactly a matter of decision.

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It’s going well, most things are there, furniture is thursday, so thursday I’ll sleep there finally :relaxed:

A bit stressful, but not much, we had time to move the small stuff

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Agreed. I read it too.

That’s hard for me, paranoia doesn’t help, everyone is out to get me or dislikes me for some reason. Rationally, I know it’s the sz. Irrationally, those fears exist.
It’s much easier in here though, in real life I don’t really trust anybody. A whole lot of disappointment. The anonimity of the internet helps a lot.

But you’re right, I’ll work on that.

You’re such a caring person that I think maybe you aren’t as self-centered as you think? But I get it. For me, I’m pretty busy and “engaged” in my own mind which leaves little space for engaging others. In the relationships in my life, I have to push myself to focus on them. Not because I don’t care. I care very much, but it doesn’t occur to me to ask people questions about themselves, etc. It’s one of those practice makes perfect things, I think. :blush:


Me, too. I am selfish and I learn that it is even more so with schizophrenia.

doesn’t share toys, says, find something else to play with and leave me alone.

It’s women’s long hair that makes them more intuitive. Long hair makes you more intuitive. That’s why native Americans would never cut their hair on the battle front

ha What?

It hangs like a net to collect your thoughts.

You like that, Jon? You can steal it. :slight_smile:

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Props to you @Minnii for wanting to change.
I never noticed this “flaw” in you however.
As you know I’m trying to make a change in my life as well :persevere:

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