I'm troubled with dilemma

I told everyone on here that my in laws insist on keeping their guests cats locked in our bathroom. I feel terrible keeping them in there and it goes against my beliefs to cause physical or mental harm to a living creature (won’t go into details for the sake of not getting in trouble). they made a terrible mess in there with their litter, throw up and fecal matter. my in law’s guests cleaned it up but said its due to not being out of the bathroom. I don’t know what to do.

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Can you offer to let the cats in your room for a while?

my in laws wont let us, they said they could hurt the cat already living with us and their shih Tzu. they are sweet cats but they are getting restless being cooped up in the bathroom all the time. I did get good news today. my in laws’ guests are taking the cats upstate to stay with a friend until they get their own place.




Very glad to hear that situation is going to be resolved. Poor kitties

Buy kitty leads and take them out for a walk